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At RCC Civil, we always strive to bring value to every project through utilising innovative materials and advanced methods, as well as providing assistance to our clients from concept to completion.

RCC Civil serves residential, commercial and industrial clients by providing modern, future-ready solutions for environment, water and infrastructure. Our extensive experience in sewer and water reticulation, civil pipe laying, stormwater drainage and concrete works has made us one of the most recognised contractors in NSW, QLD and other parts of Australia.

Our Approach

We understand the common complexities that come with every construction project we take on, whether it’s a small development or a large-scale, multi-discipline project. This is why we’ve built and enabled an in-house self-delivery model. We want to ensure higher transparency within the project lifecycle and provide high-quality service while making sure that all regulations are properly followed.

This approach allows us to provide quality cross-training and upskilling to our front-line professionals. Choosing us guarantees you access to an extensive range of service capabilities, as well as the assurance that you’re getting the level of service quality you deserve delivered in a consistent and compliant manner.

Putting Our Expertise to Work for You

With a combined experience of 50 years, RCC Civil has invaluable local knowledge and understanding in construction, design and administration of small to large projects. This allows us to efficiently assist our clients for approval processes and other documentations from relevant authorities.

Future Ready

We’re built to modernise and deliver civil construction solutions to even the most complex environments. Our team of civil engineering professionals have the expertise to turn infrastructure, water and environmental challenges into opportunities to provide innovative, advanced construction solutions.

Genuine Partner

Our innovative approach is built on a solid foundation of trust, integrity and accountability. We are the kind of partner who listens and understands your needs so we can work on a solution that will bring your vision to life. We bring value into each and every project we take on, proposing practical and cost-effective solutions to help you build vital infrastructures. 

Through our service model, we make sure to keep our clients integrated within our process and provide direct support at every step of the project lifecycle.

Is your project complex, lengthy or bound by specific needs?

We have a targeted solution to meet your current and future needs. Get in touch today and explore how RCC Civil can drive your civil, drainage, or concreting project from concept to completion.