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RCC Civil works with major contractors, developers and government agencies to take on their most challenging projects and lead innovative solutions that create lasting benefits for communities. Our proven civil expertise combined with our in-house, self-delivery method allows us to provide a comprehensive skillset and start-to-finish approach to exceed all client requirements.

Concrete Pavement and Slabs

From kerbs and gutters to catch basins, sidewalks and roads, we make sure that we use only the highest-grade concrete compliant with Australian standards.

Concrete Structures

From gully pits and manholes to culverts and bridges, RCC constructs structural concrete. RCC Civil runs rigorous quality and compliance checks in all structural concrete works to ensure that they will provide reliable support to your projects.

Plumbing and drainage

We are highly experienced in civil pipelines. From minor residential subdivisions to major city trunk mains, including sewers, water mains and storm water networks. We construct:

  • Concrete pipes
  • DICL
  • PVC
  • Gullies
  • Manhole chambers
  • Box culverts
  • Roof pits
  • Field inlets
  • Headwalls
sewer and drainage system
Live water and Sewer

We’ll take care of your water and sewer from start to finish. Our water and sewer connections can be done live which means we connect services without shutting down any operations or daily living and that sewers are kept running during the entire process.

Specialist Labour

Whatever your civil construction needs, we will help you find the most qualified staff available for you, whether it’s temporary or ongoing work. To ensure that you have access to high-caliber workers, RCC Civil conducts full screening to assess experience, skills, qualifications, work ethic, and other important matters.
Plant Hire

We offer plant hire services, including quality machinery and equipment, skilled operators and materials supply, to help clients efficiently manage their equipment and hardware costs. Whether you are looking for a short-term hire or a long-term solution, we’ll make sure that your project runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Our fleet includes:

  • Excavators
  • Backhoe
  • Positrack
  • Forklifts
  • Tip truck

Our team is highly experienced and equipped in preparing your site for a variety of developments. Our operators are all professionally trained, fully licenced, ticketed and insured, giving high standards for safety and quality. Services include:

  • Drainage
  • Driveways
  • Trenching
  • Land Clearing

We offer a wide range of machinery and tools including bobcats, posi tracks, excavators, trucks and attachments.

Consulting Services
We are committed to helping contractors build more work while keeping pre-construction overhead costs low. We’ll take care of planning, conceptual and detailed estimating, progress reporting and project management.

Is your project complex, lengthy or bound by specific needs?

We have a targeted solution to meet your current and future needs. Get in touch today and explore how RCC Civil can drive your civil, drainage, or concreting project from concept to completion.